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Beveled Glass and Mirrors

Beveling is a relatively simple procedure that enhances the general asthetics of the glass or mirror in concern. This procedure involves graining the edges of the glass or mirror in order to create a sloped edge all around the piece of glass or mirror. Bevelling can also be done on shape glasses and mirrors.

This technique is mainly used on mirrors as it drastically accentuates the edges.

Toughened and Bent glass

Toughening glass involves a process where annealed glass(normal glass) is heated until it becomes a plastic like material, it is then cooled rapidly, the end output is a glass that is much stronger than normal glass and one which shatters into small honeycomb like pieces when broken protecting people around it from sharp,rough edges. Toughened glass also has the ability to with stand more heat than normal glass and hence can be used to a cooling advantage. Bent glass is specialised type of toughened glass, bent glass involves bending the glass once it is in the plastic-like state to a desired radius. This bent glass is 5-6 times strong than normal glass.

The main advantage of toughened and bent glass is the safety aspect which it offers. Toughened glass is used mainly in places of high human traffic, human safety, and unframed applications (frameless showers, balustrades and suspended assemblies) according to National Building Regulations Part N. This glass is also fire resistant for 3-6 minutes once in a frame depending on the intensity of the fire.

Brilliant Polished Glass

Brilliant is the process by which the edges of a glass or mirror and glazed to create bright shine finish. Bright polish like bevelling can be applied to shape glasses and mirrors.

The use of brilliant polish is a done as per the customers request with his or her glass or mirrors. This polish is generally requested for by customers when the edges of their glass or mirror will be exposed and will not be hidden by a frame.